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September 29, 2014 by: Ann Harwood

Beautiful Mountain Bluebirds near Bear Spirit Lodge B&B

Beautiful Mountain Bluebirds near Bear Spirit Lodge B&B

Bluebird of Happiness

The gorgeous, vivid blue of the Mountain Bluebird always brings a smile to my face. It is the Bluebird of Happiness in a real way!

The Mountain Bluebirds live in cavities in trees in the forest. More than likely, they live in manmade bluebird houses now.

Over the last few decades so many bluebird houses have been built & put up on trails through pasture lands & prairies. Once almost extinct, now the Mountain Bluebirds number in the thousands!

The male bluebird courts the female, shows off for her by flying, flirting & singing to her.

However, she picks a mate based primarily on the "house" he provides for her. She then builds the nest in their "house," and they stay monogamously together for life up to 9 years.

Near Bear Spirit Lodge, the Mountain Bluebird Trails near Ronan & other towns were started by Art Aylesworth, "The Bluebird Man." Aylesworth, now deceased, and hundreds of volunteers have built & installed over 80,000 bluebird houses throughout western Montana.

School kids learn about Mountain Bluebirds in schools, how to build & install bluebird houses, & how to clean them out every year.

The Mountain Bluebird loves to eat insects in the summer & berries, spiders & seeds year round.

Come to Bear Spirit Lodge, & we will take you on a photo safari out on the Mountain Bluebird Trail near Ronan!

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