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October 30, 2016

Glacial Lake Missoula – A Living Geology Education!, Bear Spirit Lodge

Glacial Lake Missoula – A Living Geology Education!

Western Montana is such an odyssey for learning about so many things, especially the natural environment. Over 12,000 years ago, during the last Ice Age, the glacial movement from the North created the mountains & brought with it great flooding. All the area was 2,000 feet under water.

A great place to see the geological formations & strand lines is at the National Bison Range & Camas Prairie. The Bison Range very top point was above the water, but most of the Bison Range was under water.

Ice Age Lake Missoula was a forbidding scene. The water was dark, deep & murky. There is no evidence of fish & other aquatic life forms. Geologists surmise that the sediment was ground down to a “rock flour” powder by the glacial action. Although mastodons, mammoths & bison roamed the nearby areas, there is no direct evidence of humans beings.

At the National Bison Range, the bison wallow in the “rock flour” powder to relieve the bugs, their bites & heat. Come see us at Bear Spirit Lodge next summer & enjoy the spectacular, unspoiled nature!