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January 28, 2011 by: Ann Harwood

Miraculous Blessings & Answers to Prayers

Miraculous Blessings & Answers to Prayers

What a miraculous week it has been here in St. Ignatius, Montana! A young woman (age 30), the daughter of some of my friends in the Amish community near me, disappeared on Sunday night. Incredible searches of the snow-covered mountains & valleys by the Amish community, the Lake County Sheriff's Dept., the Tribal Forestry & Fire Dept., and the Search & Rescue teams, were supported by the many prayers of the people here and all over the country. Everyone feared that the young woman had disappeared forever.

God watches over all of us, and my friends' daughter showed up early Thursday morning walking along a country road within a mile of her parents' home. She is getting the proper care for her instabilities now. Thank God for all our many blessings!

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