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October 27, 2014 by: Ann Harwood

The Softer Side of Ravens near Bear Spirit Lodge Bed & Breakfast

The Softer Side of Ravens near Bear Spirit Lodge Bed & Breakfast

In Western Montana, the Common Raven is abundant & always busy. In this rare photo, one raven is caring for another raven, probably in an act of courtship. During courtship they will sit side by side & sometimes preen each other's feathers, as in this photo.

During this ritual, they will make soft, warbling sounds. They do a "comfort" sound during this time of courtship. They usually mate for life, although the males do wander to other females' nests at times.

Ravens are extremely intelligent & very clever. One of the smartest of all birds, they have gained the reputation of being great problem solvers. Breeding pairs of ravens "rule" over territories and gain control over access to food. They are scavengers & eat lots of seeds, berries, small animals, carcasses, & whatever they can find. If they have access to regular household garbage, they will eat whatever they can.

As playful & rambunctious as they are, ravens do show capabilities of being full of empathy.

Traditional indigenous people throughout the world have revered the raven as a deity, a god, a spiritual symbol. Native Americans regard the raven as a trickster, bringing fire to people by stealing it from the sun. They "steal salmon & drop them off in all the rivers of the world."

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