Bear Spirit Lodge

A Boutique Montana Bed and Breakfast Experience



Are you and your family suffering from "nature deficit disorder"? Then spend time with us to "connect with nature" on a family outdoor vacation in Montana. Our lodging is in the center of everything neat for Western Montana adventure travel!


For Missoula Airport pick-up, please reserve time and date with Ann. A fee of $90 for roundtrip will be charged on your B&B invoice


FROM THE SOUTH (Missoula): Drive on Highway 93 North to S&K Technologies on the RIGHT side of the road (about 45 minutes). Turn right off Highway 93 onto the road (Old Highway 93) in front of the S&K Technologies entrance to their parking lot.

FROM THE NORTH (Glacier Park): Drive on Highway 93 South to S&K Technologies on the LEFT side of the road. Turn left off  Highway 93 onto the road (Old Highway 93) in front of the S&K Technologies entrance to their parking lot. (You will be passing St. Ignatius on the left, but this is easier than going through St. Ignatius).

THEN PROCEED: Continue to first intersection.Turn right on Toweepah Road heading East at 25 miles an hour. It then becomes 35 miles an hour after city limits. Obey the speed limit, because the police sit out there a lot.

Continue about 2-3 miles on the road, which becomes in name, St. Mary’s Lake Road.  You will see an A-frame house on the left. Next immediate intersection at the gravel pit, turn right, and go south about a mile. Turn left at next intersection, which is the continuation of St. Mary’s Lake Road heading east.

Proceed 1-2 miles until you see a Curve sign on the right, and a Dead End sign and a left turn. (A 3-fork intersection where Foothills Rd runs into St. Mary’s Lake Rd.) Our address is 38712 St. Mary’s Lake Road and the sign is a little black bear nailed to a tree with the numbers 38712. Take the middle road (street sign says Dead End) about 6/10ths of a mile, going straight east. Looks like you are driving right into the woods.  Continue on the one-lane road all the way to the end of the road, and you will see a 2-story wooden sided house, which is Bear Spirit Lodge.  Come up and park by the house.

If you have any problems, call us at 406/745-3089. Or, go to Rod’s Harvest Foods in St. Ignatius, and I will come to get you. Thank you!

Directions, Bear Spirit Lodge