Bear Spirit Lodge

A Boutique Montana Bed and Breakfast Experience

Massage Therapy

Deep Bodywork/Massage Therapy

One of the greatest assets of our small, intimate bed and breakfast is the individualized pampering of our guests.  For "brightness of the future," you can book an appointment ahead of your arrival for private bodywork/massage therapy with hot river rocks. Great Bear of Cherokee descent has been a massage therapist for over 40 years, and she is known as one of the best deep tissue/bodywork/massage therapists throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Enter the world of Great Bear’s healing room for bodywork/massage therapy, which will provide you the most unique experience of releasing stress and body pains.  Great Bear is a physical intuitive, and your body tells her hands what is needed.  She customizes your gentle massage and/or deep tissue bodywork to release stress, aches, and pains one layer at a time.

The rocks that Great Bear uses are authentic, organic rocks collected from nature, river banks, and rivers. As Great Bear massages your muscles with the hot rocks, the warmth of the rocks will penetrate into your tight muscles for incredible relaxation. For 1.5 hours, the fee is $125 per person (a package with B&B can be arranged and discounted for both).

“I have had massages from many people. Great Bear’s massage is like NO other massage you have ever had from anyone else. You will love it.”  Lynn, Montana